Saturday, 4 October 2014

Card Christmas

Heidi a lovely new friend!  When I joined Stampin up
12 months ago I was searching through the bolgs 
And I came across Heidi Weavers blogspot and I fell in 
In love with her style she is a true artist!  So I quickly 
Subscribed her page and liked her facebook page. I used 
Heidi page as an inspiration to set up my own pages.
As I new we were going to USA Alaska and Canada, I
Contacted Heidi to see if we could meet as I new we where
Staying with friends about an hour away from where Heidi
Lives. We got together just 2 days before we came home.
We managed to make a card together although I didn't quite 
get mine finished, but have done so now  As I had left home 
before the products of new catalogue came out and the new 
Christmas catalogue also. Heidi had some of the new stamps
 etc... Out so we got to play. I to wished we lived closer so we 
could make more cards together your a great inspiration Heidi 
Hopefully we will get together again sometime soon either 
at your place or mine. Thanks for the great time and lovely
 cuppa tea.

Heidi blog spot is Stamping along with Heidi 
Heidi's Facebook page has the same name

Check out Heidi s card posted about the 13 th of August 2014


  1. Oh, Marilyn, I really wish we lived closer, too. It was fun working on that ornament together (well, each doing our own, but you know what I mean). If (when) I come over to New Zealand for a visit, we'll have to make time for some serious crafting. I expect you to help me with my painting, too. You're so talented. *hugs*

  2. It's great to know your coming we can do lots together, I enjoyed our time together it wasn't long enough! Don't worry about making to many plans, you can take as it comes here quite easy.!! Lv m